5 Tips to Improve Traffic and Conversions for Your Ecommerce Business

How do ecommerce websites get traffic? It’s essentially a no-brainer. 

Increasing your store’s conversions can mean the difference between netting a six-figure income and closing down the business. 

Picture this. If your current conversion rate stands at around 2% and you increase it by a mere 0.5%—your store’s revenue will jump by a whopping 50%. 

However, increasing conversions for ecommerce stores isn’t as simple as it sounds. According to industry sources, the average conversion rate for ecommerce websites is 2.86%. But with the right strategies and tools in place, you can indeed surpass this mark. 

After all, your goal isn’t to be average, right?

So, let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to improve traffic and conversions for your ecommerce business. 

1. Use a Simple Design Layout

Simplicity converts.

For your site to convert, you need to make navigation as simple as possible. But how do you achieve that?

Start by eliminating clutter from your website. Take advantage of the white space and use visuals sparingly on your home page. This can enhance user experience (UX), which is critical for conversions and site rankings. 

Next, make sure your site is responsive on mobile. 

It is estimated that mobile ecommerce will account for 42.9% of ecommerce by 2024. As such, you simply can’t ignore mobile users. 

If your store’s design isn’t optimized for mobile, you can seek the services of a reputable BigCommerce agency in the UK to help you develop a mobile-first design in line with BigCommerce best practices.  

2. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

With the rising cases of credit card fraud, people are steering away from card payments. That said, you stand a chance of increasing conversions if you offer multiple payment options. 

PayPal seems to be a popular option, with 44% of consumers saying they use it for payments as it’s more secure than cards. 

But even that won’t be enough. In today’s digital age, you need to accept alternative payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, etc. And if your customers are tech-savvy, adding crypto payments will make your business even more competitive.

3. Follow Up on Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are an enormous opportunity to increase conversions.

Make sure your site isn’t contributing to abandoned carts. Design-related issues, such as a complex checkout process, could be the culprit. 

The good news; 35% of abandoned merchandise is recoverable through a combination of checkout process improvements, follow-up activities, and site optimizations. 

A great way to increase conversions is by setting up an automated reminder of an abandoned cart. If your website’s design is the culprit, a reputable ecommerce website development agency can help fix the issues and optimize the site for conversions. 

4. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping can do conversion wonders for your business. 

2BigFeet, the famous online shoe retailer, began offering free shipping on orders above $100 and increased their conversions by 50% overnight. 

Plus, free shipping can reduce cart abandonment. Many consumers will abandon their carts if they notice an unexpected shipping cost. However, if they see an option for free shipping, almost 25% of shoppers will spend more to qualify for it. 

5. Allow Shopping Via Social Media

Did you know that nearly 50% of global internet users use social media to search for a brand or product-related information?

This makes social media a lucrative avenue for advertising your products/services.

Savvy retailers are creating Facebook and Instagram shops to drive conversions right within these social media apps. And you can do it too. 

These shops serve as digital storefronts where your customers can browse your stores’ products—leading them back to your ecommerce website and moving them further along your conversion funnel. 

Wrapping Up

Increasing conversions for your online store is a process that takes time and consistent effort—it’s not a one-and-done sort of thing. By following the practices outlined above, you should be able to increase or even double your site’s conversation rates. 

by Dozie